CJ Affiliate Program Review

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Have You Decided To Build a Niche Website?

In previous articles we looked at the potential for creating an online income through starting your own niche website. Let’s say for example your hobby is gardening and you have decided that you wish to start a website where you can discuss this topic and at the same time earn a passive income doing so. Our first step was to find a platform where you can learn all there is about affiliate marketing, one that helps you build a fantastic website, provides you with ongoing training and hosts your sites, or sites, as well.

This platform needed to be one that you can make a start with for free, at least until you understand exactly what you’d like to do and how to do it. In this discussion we decided to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. For those of you that haven’t read any posts concerning this excellent educational affiliate marketing site simply ==> Click Here<== to find out more or click on the banner I’ll supply below.

For the sake of this article we’ll presume you have already joined WA and are looking for another affiliate program that can supply you with the goods required to sell on your new website.

Well look no further. Below I have compiled a review on Commission Junction just for you.

What is Commission Junction?

Commission Junction was established in California over 20 years ago. It is the largest global affiliate network. CJ Affiliate is the new name for Commission Junction. It is a simple way to locate products that fit your niche.

CJ Affiliate Program

Commission Junction Affiliate is a well-branded affiliate marketing network. It helps both vendors and affiliates achieve scalable and intelligent growth. It is one of America’s most popular affiliate networks. You can apply to promote products according to your interest with this simple method.

What Can Commission Junction Affiliate do for you?

Sign up to receive a free account, and you can begin using the network. Commission Junction Affiliate offers the perfect opportunity to make global growth a reality.

Sign up for CJ affiliate to connect with hundreds of affiliate program holders from online brands. To get approval quickly for any CJ affiliate program, all you have to do is customize your profile.

Commission Junction Affiliate allows you to be either an advertiser, expanding your brand’s reach, or a publisher through partnering with well-known brands. You can expand your business by leveraging deep market knowledge. It also helps you identify international opportunities through the assistance of highly-trained publishers.

How do I sign up with Commission Junction Affiliate?

You can sign up either as an Advertiser or as a Publisher, depending on your requirements. Indeed, there is no room for confusion. Signing up with Commission Junction is relatively easy. Affiliate. It takes only 15 minutes, and you can begin selling products.

Follow the instructions below to sign up for CJ Affiliate:

1. Select one of the two options (an Advertiser or a Publisher)

2. After selecting the appropriate option, it will take you to the sign up page.

3. You must fill in all details they require.

Please do not lie to them as it could damage your relationship with the advertiser. Your email will serve as the source for logging into your Commission Junction Affiliate account. It is more like a Username.

If you’re wondering what a page to sign up as an advertiser looks like, I have the answer. If you haven’t got a personal website yet, I recommend starting one as a publisher.

Before you can sign up to become an advertiser, here are three things you must do.

 Create a site that’s free from gambling and any adult material.

 Get commissions paid for sales or leads.

 Maintain an active website.

4. After you have registered, they will send an email confirmation to the email address you


5. After verifying your email address, you’ll be redirected to the terms and conditions page.

6. After reading the policies, you should only select “ACCEPT AGREEMENT.”

7. After you accept the terms and conditions, you will create your Commission Junction Affiliate


8. Log in to your account to complete the rest.

9. To activate your account, fill out the remaining information to verify your authenticity.

You will need to choose the payment method and connect it to your blog/website. You should also update your network profile.

After you’ve completed all required details, CJ will activate your account in a matter of minutes, and you can begin promoting products within your chosen niche/category.

Brands to Promote

Affiliates with large brands can help you earn more commission for each product that you sell. Commission Junction Affiliate is a leader in the industry for having large brands on their advertiser list.

1. Tracking / Reports

Although it isn’t an easy task, you will do amazing things with the information once you get the

hang of it. Advertisers can segment these data, which is a great way to measure your


Although the reporting feature is powerful, it can be a bit difficult to comprehend at first.

2. Nested Menu

To avoid confusion, they have nested most of the features within the drop-down menu.

They placed several settings and shortcuts in this order:

 Advertisers

 Account

 Widgets

 Links

 Mail

 Reports

 Insights

 Placements

The nested drop-down menu makes it easy to keep your dashboard clean and improves efficiency. If you manage multiple affiliate dashboards already, you may be having trouble with the color schemes.

Commission Junction Affiliate uses muted colors that won’t irritate the eyes.

Ad Unit

You must seek approval from the advertiser before creating or running an advertisement on any ad unit. If they initiate a manual check, it could take 2-3 days to complete the process.

Here’s how to get the HTML code you need for advertising:

Step 1: Click the “Get Links” tab.

Step 2: Find the advertiser.

Step 3: Click the name of the advertiser.

Step 4: Apply for the program.

Step 5: Wait to be approved. Once you are approved, you can view the links.

Step 6: Click the ad unit that interests you.

Step 7: Click “Get HTML,” copy the code, and paste it onto your website.

3. Control Panel

You can view announcements, tasks, and new advertiser recommendations. The control panel will display your performance from yesterday as soon as you open the main dashboard.

4. Dashboard

It shows all the information, including sales made, leads generated, reaches, and impressions. Tracking your advertisers is also possible. You can view your entire account from the dashboard. The dashboard is very user-friendly. It makes it easy to access all your messages and track performance from one location.

Commission Junction Affiliate’s dashboard has remained the same for many years. That makes it flexible for users. The dashboard is designed such that your work space remains uncluttered.

Affiliate Programs

Click on “Advertisers” to start searching for affiliate programs that interest you. You can search by keyword or name for programs.

That works well for general searches, but you can search directly for programs within your niche. Although it takes a bit of time, the final results are well worth it.

Additionally, you can also search for affiliate programs by:

 Serviceable area

 Language

 Advertiser Type

 Advertiser Status

 Geographic Source

 Advertisers Country

 Currency

Sometimes, this can take a lot of time and skills. But one of the best things about it is that you can save your searches.


It is easy to track your searches by saving them. You will save time and money. The UX design of the website is quite outdated. It covers your screen and makes it difficult for users to see. You can filter advertisers by their profit potential, however.

Once you get the hang of the system that CJ Affiliate Uses, it becomes a lot easier to understand the basics of finding suitable programs for your website as well as keeping tabs of the results.

For the beginner, particularly if you’re of that Boomer age like me, some of what I explained above can seem daunting. That is why its important that you join a group such as Wealthy Affiliate first. Not only will you be able to build that allusive website and receive excellent hosting facilities, you will find that the fellow members there can answer just about any question you put to them. Therefore, should you struggle with any aspect of the CJ Affiliate program, there are people at WA that can help you.

If you have any questions I regard to the above, please feel free to leave a message below and I will answer them for you.

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All The Best. Jim

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4 thoughts on “CJ Affiliate Program Review”

  1. Thank you, Jim, for your great explanation. I already joined Wealthy affiliate and can say that it is really great support and training. I am about to start to build my website and explore what my niche will be. But it is good to know do I have to build my site and have some content in order to apply for an affiliate in CJ as an advertiser? I didn`t understand that part. Thank you in advance for your answer. And see you there:)

    1. Hi Zorana. All Affiliate platforms prefer you to have content on your web before applying. I have found that at least 20 good blogs usually does the job. All The Best. Jim

  2. Hi, Jim

    I’ve been using CJ for quite some time now, and I must say I have mixed feelings about it. I use it primarily because it’s one of the largest marketing networks out there, but as you mentioned in your review, it’s not easy. Well, eventually you get used to it, but it’s not as user-friendly as other similar networks.

    The merchants take too long to answer when you apply, at least in my experience. I understand that’s not CJ’s fault, but the merchant’s, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

    I’ve also been turned down by a few merchants without any explanation. I wish they would explain their reasons for not accepting you. It is what it is.

    Fortunately, I use other platforms like Share A Sale and FlexOffers, and they’re easier to use. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, I have heard that some people have issues with CJ, it’s just one of many available. However you can have issues with any platform and sometimes it’s just a matter of persistence. 

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