How to Sell Printables on Etsy and Make Money

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How to Sell Printables on Etsy and Make Money

Printables are a great way to generate passive income. Simply imagine the idea and create the project. Upload it to Etsy. Print your printable, and then promote it. Etsy shoppers will be browsing the site, purchasing, downloading, and then printing your design before you know. I would like to show you just how to sell printables on Etsy and make money.

Would you want to sell printables on Etsy?

In this guide, you will learn about printables, where to find printables, and how to sell them.

What is a Printable?

A printable product is a digital product, usually in pdf format. It can be purchased, downloaded, and printed for use. It can also be made available as a digital file in other formats such as jpg or jpeg.

A great way to make extra income is by making printables. A passive product is easy to create, and you will reap the benefits many times over. They are simple to personalize and don’t need to be shipped. You may not need to print some printables. You can save them digitally as eBooks, book covers, or digital planners.

Printables that you can sell on Etsy include:

 Journals

 Spice rack jar labels

 Printable wall art

 Planner pages

 Invitations for birthday parties

 Gift tags

 Wrappers for Candy Bars

 Book covers, and more!

 Wedding decor

 Worksheets

 Wall art quotes

 Lesson plans

 Calendars

Its so much easier today than it once was!

How printing was performed many years ago.

How much can I earn from selling printables on Etsy, and how much do I have to lose?

Selling printables through your Etsy shop opens the door to passive income. For a first-timer, it is possible to make as much as $50 to $100 per week. You can create sales of between $50 and $1000 per week. With experience and knowledge these amounts can reach a lot higher, it all depends on the product you sell and your pricing.

Creativity is Key to making a lot selling printables via Etsy. It is essential to be creative with your printables. Graphic design skills are not required to create beautiful designs. Canva is a free tool that allows you to create stunning graphics.

Selling trendy printables such as wall art or floral initials can help you make enormous profits each month. Sell evergreen printables, such as worksheets, wall art, and others to turn your side income into recurring revenue.

Do not try to create complex designs. Make sure to use simple lines, clear fonts, images, textures, and other effects. The most common error when designing printables is over designing.

Is Printables Profitable?

Printables have a low overhead and a high return on investment. Digital downloads from Etsy can be very lucrative. Because they are digital they require less effort than selling unique crafts on Etsy. You’ve now got the skills and knowledge to start your fun and lucrative business.In the first nine to twelve months, sellers can make a total of around $5,0 or more.. Eventually the seller can earn a passive income, which could range anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 per month.

Printables are usually sold for around $7 per piece but the price increases when you consider selling in bundles or bulk. You can sell bundles of items for $15-$20. Now that’s real Money!

Selling printables such as wall art, journals, and other digital items is profitable, it’s obvious. Printmaking can be lucrative for several reasons.

First, inventory is not maintained. Etsy tracks all sales of printables. Also, printables make it easy to personalize. You can alter the design, color, font, images, and other details from the comfort of home or on the go. A product that people like and will use is the key to making money when selling printables.

Where can you design printables?

You can create printables on a variety of platforms.


Snappa offers both a free and a paid service. You can sign up for a Snappa free account. Snappa allows for the creation of stylish printables. It is an excellent tool for creating stunning printables in minutes. Snappa provides thousands of premade templates.

The templates are pre-sized, so you don’t have to begin from scratch. Access more than 5,000,000 free, high-resolution stock images to customize them. You can quickly add text, effects, or graphics.

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign are some other tools you can use.


Stellar photo effects are another feature you have the option to use. These effects transform your photos into glamour shots. Canva offers many effects for images, such as Liquify (Glitch), Pixelate, and others. Get started by creating a Canva account.

Canva is a graphic tool that lets you create beautiful designs. It allows you to design printables using a drag-and-drop editor. It offers thousands of free templates, which you can browse according to category.

The free templates are not the only thing that it offers. You can also modify the templates already created. By using curved font, you can give your design a distinct edge. Use curved font shapes to turn your text into arcs or circles. That adds style to your design.


Crello lets you create printables in more than 60+ design formats. Get started by creating a Crello free account. You can download unlimited files and invite other members of your team to design with you. The Pro plan is $7.99/month.

You can rotate, resize, flip and apply filters to your design. Crello offers paid and free plans. Both have access to over 9,000 animated templates and a stock library of 180,000,000 images.

You can also compare Crello to Canva. It boasts 30,000 professional-designed templates that are trendy and well-chosen by its developers. Its drag-and-drop editor allows you to edit the templates quickly. Crello lets users remove the background from any picture, add frames to photos, and add text or speech bubbles.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark also allows you to create worksheets. It allows you to access premium templates and fonts.

Adobe Spark is a quick and straightforward way to design printables such as worksheets. The graphics platform includes hundreds of pre-made worksheets that you can edit, upload on Etsy and begin making money.

Envato Elements offers a variety of graphics, photos, and clip art. Adobe Spark makes it easy to modify these elements to create a stunning printable, which you can upload to Etsy and make available for sale.


With the one-click background editor, you can create new designs to adjust exposure, add effects and touch-up images. You can use PicMonkey to edit photos online, just like Canva. You can create beautiful designs and printables such as logos, images, and social media graphics. PicMonkey boasts millions of stock photographs. You can transform your designs with vector shapes, rich textures, and beautiful fonts.

PicMonkey does not come free, however they do have a one-week free trial. It has three pricing packages available:

 Business– US$23 – Billed Monthly or save 17% ($228) yearly

 Pro – US$12,99 – Save 23% ($120) when paid yearly

 Basic – US$7.99 – Save 25% ($72) when paid yearly

PicMonkey works on mobile and the web.

How to Open an Etsy Business

Are you interested in selling on Etsy? It is simple to open your Etsy shop. This guide will show you how to set up an Etsy store and how to add products.

Step One – Register an Etsy Account.

You can open your Etsy shop by visiting the Etsy Website. Enter your email, first name, and password. Check the box for exclusive offers, tips, and tricks to help you shop or sell on Etsy. Click “Register.” Or click Sell on Scroll to the middle and click on “Open Your Etsy Shop.”

Enter your email, and then click Continue to sign up with Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Step 2: Select Your Shop Language.

To change the language under which you’re currently viewing the site, go to Your Account Settings -> Preferences. You can view the site in the language you prefer.

Sign in to change the shop language. Click Shop Manager > Setting > Languages & Translations > Manage languages. You can select any language you want to translate your listings and even shop outside the default language. You must use the default language to ensure that buyers from other languages can understand your descriptions.

Step 3: Select Country and Currency

Etsy is present in 83 different countries. After creating an account, you will need to select your country. Sign in to Etsy. Click Settings. Select your country from the region section. Click “Update Preferences.”

In addition to the country, you must also choose the currency you will use for your listings. Currency conversion fees apply to currencies other than the one you have chosen. From your Etsy dashboard, click Shop Manager > Finances > Payment Settings > Currency. Select the currency you prefer and indicate whether Etsy should round your listings to the nearest whole number.

Step Four: Choose a Memorable Name for Your Shop

Start by looking at other businesses and Etsy. Think about what you like or don’t like about their brand names! Is the shop name easy to remember, pronounce, and spell?

An Etsy shop name that is memorable is the first step in building a foundation for your business. Making your shop name easy to spell and pronounce will make it easy for customers to recognize your brand. How can you give your Etsy shop a memorable title?

Second, get feedback from your family and friends about the new brand name. Your feedback will allow you to determine whether your brand name is memorable.

These brand names can be helpful for shoppers because they make it easy for them to understand your products. You can improve your Etsy and search ranking by adding product names or phrases.

Also, think globally. Do your thorough research before deciding on a brand name. It’s possible to find out how your words translate in other languages through research. I recommend Bing and Google as search engines. They will allow you to see the whole world from one place.

Once you’ve chosen a brand name to use, run a memory test and ensure it is SEO-friendly. These are the requirements for your Etsy shop name:

Please limit your characters to 4-20 characters.

 No infringing on the trademarks of another

 No special characters or spaces

 No profanity

Step Five – List Your Printables.

Now that you have a shop name, it is time to start selling your items on Etsy. Click Shop Manager > your shop > Add a listing. Start uploading printable images. Select a thumbnail, add listing details and description, and then add pricing. Your printables can be listed just like other items on Etsy. Select Digital Item in the Type section. Add your files to your listing. Etsy allows shop owners to upload up to 5 digital files.

Each digital file must not exceed 20MB. Etsy currently supports the following formats.




 Jpg



 iBook

 ePUB

Buyers will be able to see the note you have added on their download pages. Click on the “X” next to your listing date/time if you wish to remove some files. You will see the uploaded files in a listing, their names, upload date, and file size. Your buyers will see the same file name as you. You must name your files correctly before uploading them.

Etsy allows filenames of up to 70 alphanumeric characters.

Step Six – Choose your Payment Methods.

Etsy offers several payment options. It depends on your location. To open a shop, you will need to input your debit/credit card. Etsy allows you to use the following credit cards:

Various payment methods Visa

 American Express

 Carte Bleue (France)

 MasterCard

Click Shop Manager > Financials > Payment Settings > Country to make a payment. Please enter the necessary information for a company or individual as well as your bank details. Etsy will need you to verify the information. To verify your bank account, ensure to click Shop Manager > Finances > Payment Account > Verify bank.

Click on the Verify Bank button and enter the amount for the small deposit you have made in your bank account. You can also locate the Verify button in Shop Manager. Etsy is safe for your card information. You may not have a credit account if you don’t live in Germany, Netherlands, or Austria. Sellers must sign up for Etsy Payments, which integrates PayPal to sell on Etsy.

Etsy may suspend your shop if your bank fails to verify within 90 days.

Step Seven – Open Your Etsy Shop.

You can now create your Etsy Shop after you have finished the previous sections. Click “Open Your Shop.” Your Etsy shop’s web address will look like this:, ABC is your shop name.

Step Eight – Promote your Etsy Shop.

You can advertise your Etsy shop by using the Etsy Advertising Campaign. Your ad appears on Etsy’s search results pages and other pages. To place your Etsy ads, ensure to click Shop Manager > Marketing > Advertising. Set the daily maximum you can spend.

The default value is $1. Once you finish, click Start Advertising. Etsy will display your listing on:

 Category pages

 Market Pages

 Etsy Search

They will be visible on Etsy App and the Web.

What printables do you like best on Etsy?

There are many things that you can use to make printables. Below is a collection of ideas that

will help you get started.

 Wall Art

 Popular Artwork & Clipart

 Recipes

 Gift tags

 Thankyou Cards

 Greeting cards

 Crochet Patterns

 Line Drawings

 Fonts for embroidery

 Menu Meal Planner

 Photography

 Scavenger Hunts

 Classic Hymns Sheet Music

 Family Last Name Farmhouse Worship

 Party Games

 Inspirational quotes

 Invitations to Parties

 Finance Planner

 Budget planners

 Credit Score Tracker

 Coloring Pages

 Savings planner

 Art and Decoration

 Cleaning Checklist

 Flashcards

 Health and fitness trackers

 Meal planners

 Weekly Planners

 Household Planners

 Wedding Planners

 Printable labels

 Monthly Calendars

 Chore Charts

 Activity Books

 Summer Worksheets

 Mazes

Visit Etsy to find more great printable ideas.

Final Thoughts

Etsy currently has more than 40 million active users. 13% of these are from the UK. It is easy to promote your printables, as the platform features an intuitive ad campaign. Create original products to keep you ahead of your competitors. Copy designs from other Etsy sellers and media. If the seller whom you copied is Etsy-connected, creating duplicates could be a problem. Do not copy from other sellers.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to sell printables on Etsy and make money. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to comment below.

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All the best. Jim

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