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So you’re a baby boomer and you want to make money online from home.

In this review I want to reveal to baby boomers how to make money online from home through Online Baby Boomer Wealth. I have over many years tried different ways to make money from my own home. I have always wanted to be my own boss. Haven’t you? Unfortunately this journey has been a difficult one for me and I have tried many different methods.

My first attempt at was about 35 years ago when I joined up with Amway. Since then, I have tried various other MLM companies and, when they didn’t give me the satisfaction I so eagerly searched for, I headed towards online marketing companies.

What A Journey: Looking for Online Baby Boomer Wealth.

My journey was a difficult, and expensive one. I either paid over inflated prices for totally ridiculous products that I never really needed or I was taken for a ride by scammers.

You would think that I would have learned my lesson and given up. But I always knew that there simply had to be some sort of genuine, legitimate on line business out there that was just for me. A business that would satisfy me intellectually and financially. So I kept looking.

Before I go any further in regard to what I have found for myself, I’d like to discuss one of the MLM companies I have been involved with:

How Do I Rate Amway as a home Business Possibility.

Amway was my first foray into Multi Level Marketing. It was also my first attempt at making an income from home. I was young and very naive. I had decided way back then that I wanted to leave my 40 hour a week job and work for myself.

So I joined Amway, got my wife to join Amway and then most of my family. That’s when the problems started. I needed to recruit more people because, as a member, you really needed to by their products to survive. These products were expensive.

Is Washing Powder The Answer.

Amway was well-known for its washing powder. It was the best on the market, or so we were told. But it cost about four times that of its super market equivalent. I was young, I had a young wife and a small child, I simply couldn’t afford there washing powder, or for that matter any of there other products unless I was able to join more people.

The only way to join other people and take advantage of there lucrative income producing scheme, again at least that’s what they called it, was to physically go out and meet more people. That’s right, door to door, or ask workmates. Online marketing hadn’t been invented yet.

As you can imagine the thought of going door to door made me feel physically sick. I soon discovered I was no salesman. I hated asking others. Therefore, my business soon flopped.

I do know that other members found financial success, but they were great door to door salespeople. Not like me.

Picture courtesy of Amway.

Exactly How Does Amway Work: Is it suitable for baby boomers?

1. They Buy there merchandise Direct from the Manufactures

2. All Goods have a mark up added to cover employee salaries and other costs.

3. The distributors commission is then added.

4. The “Upline” commission is then added.

5. Their own profit Margin is also added.

6. The product is sold by the distributor to a new customer that most likely will become a distributor.

Once they have added all these extra costs you can just imagine how expensive the product will become. Compare this with the cost a shop or super market will have.

How Does a Shop Cost there Products?

1). They purchase from the manufacturer.

2). They add on there selling and employee costs.

3). They add a profit margin.

4). They sell to you.

Do You See The Difference? Is This The Way To Create online Baby Boomer Wealth?

Okay. So maybe you’re happy to be a part of this. Selling products at inflated prices to other potential distributors. But I know I wasn’t. It left me feeling sick.

And That’s Just The Selling Part.

So if you decide that the price of their products isn’t a deterrent , then you have to be able to understand and navigate the system. Up line, Down line and so on.

If you will bear with me I will try to explain the system to you. It’s not easy so if I don’t get it 100% accurate please understand.


IBO stands for Independent Business owner.

Amway has several levels of income structure that depend on how you operate your business and how many distributors join up under you.

1). Immediate Income. Amway defines this as being.

“Your immediate income is the difference between the cost at which you purchase product inventory from Amway, or you’re sponsoring IBO, and the price at which you sell the product to your own customers. This income is realized immediately upon each sale to your customer……”

2). Performance Bonus.

They provide you with a table to help explain the performance bonuses that are available.

Additional Performance Bonus

North American Rebate Scale


Rebate (% of BV)

PV = Personal Volume BV = Business Volume


You’re talking to a baby boomer,So explain this again?

I don’t know about you, but I found that very confusing. Most Importantly, I don’t have an issue with the Immediate compensation plan. It’s simple really, you buy from them or your sponsor, add your profit and ‘Hey Presto’, you start making a living…. Except..

Because the product you’re buying is already more expensive then the store bought item, by the time you add your profit it reaches a ridiculous price.

A Further Compensation Plan:

Some of you may follow the additional compensation plan, others will have given up at this stage, but I dare any of you to try to explain the next levels of there compensation plans.

Besides that, the performance bonuses are further enhanced depending on how many people you register as distributors and how many customers you sell to. Then it increases as each person you register does exactly the same thing with their customers.

Silver, Gold or Platinum:

You can then reach levels of Silver, Gold or Platinum. With Platinum being the ultimate level.

I could explain this further, but I think you’ve seen and heard enough. Personally I find the stress from simply trying to understand their plan far too much to handle.

How Do I Rate Amway:

1). Is Amway a Scam? NO.

2). Is Amway a profitable way to make a living? NO.

3). Is Amway easy to follow? NO.

4). Would I recommend people to join Amway? NO

5). What Rating Do I Give Amway.. 5/10.

The Amway Business reference guide states at the bottom of the last page that “the average annual income for an active IBO was $207 in 2016”. Therefore, I think those figures alone give you enough information on why you should avoid them if you’re looking for a way to make money from home.

Do you Wish to Create Online Baby Boomer Wealth?

Well, because I’ve told you what area I wouldn’t enter into if I was someone just starting out in the home business game. It’s only fair I tell you what I have found after many years of searching.

I have built this website to not only let you know about the many home business’s available to you but, most importantly, to educate you on how to make money online from home.

Is Amway an Internet Business?

I realize that Amway is hardly an internet business, although with the technology around today its most likely headed in that direction. Nor is a fantastic way for baby boomers to create an online income. But the whole idea was to reveal just how difficult it would be to make an honest living from this company.

In future blogs I will be discussing other MLM and internet business’s that are available to you. Are they scams? Can you make a living from them? How much can you make? How do I rate them?

But for now I just want to give you a quick introduction to the business that I found some time back. An internet business that I have full control over. It’s totally mine. It’s a business that provides you with.

1. 2 free websites.

2. Heaps of free training.

3. A social platform that is unparalleled by any other and is a LEGITIMATE, PROFIT MAKING, business.


Most Importantly, Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training business and community. It is a genuine business therefore it is an ideal way for  retirees to create online wealth, because they can  learn how to break into affiliate marketing.

You are provided with a University level training platform that is further enhanced by its many professional blogging members, who provide added training.

Do You Want Two Free Sites?

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with either 2 free websites for you to commence building an internet Niche or you can become a premium member for $49.99 a month. You have the choice to pay a yearly fee of $359, which is a huge savings.

However, because you are never coerced into going premium and you can stay with the 2 Free sites if you wish.

There is so much more to Wealthy Affiliate , therefore I have completed a separate review on them.

Why not take a look and maybe you to can create an online baby boomer wealth website.

==>If you would like to see my Wealthy Affiliate Review click here<==

What do you have to lose?

If you choose the 2 Free Sites, absolutely nothing. Why not give it a try. Jim

14 thoughts on “Online Baby Boomer Wealth:”

  1. Thank you Jim on your review on Amway and their MLM business. I really would like to read more about your findings on other MLM programs. I haven’t found any of MLM programs good. There is a lot of different opportunities in Online businesses but it’s not a walk in a park. There is no easy money.

    1. Thank you Mikko. There are some good MLM programs out there but unfortunately there are just as many bad ones. Some sit on the fringe of being considered a pyramid scheme. I hope to do more reviews on some of these businesses soon. All the best. Jim

  2. I have been considering Amway as a way to make some side income. But the reviews I have read online agree with yours that it’s not a scam but there are definitely better ways to make money nowadays. I would like to give this platform you’re suggesting a try. Thank you for including alternatives to the Amway program.

    1. Thank you Abel. I know that when myself and several friends tried MLM with Amway we struggled to make much money. Even though we worked as a team and signed on heaps of people, it was still difficult to O make anywhere near a decent living from it. All the best. Jim

  3. You spoke the truth about Amway. Over the last 30 years, I have been approached several times to join Amway. When I was first approached, the recruiter made it sound really easy to duplicate the process. I was told that instead of spending $200 on groceries each month at supermarkets, why don’t I buy from Amway? This is money we ready spend so what is there to lose? The benefits of residual income as I build my network will in time enable me to quit my job. 

    Like you stated, the Amway products cost so much more than the $200 I would be redirecting would buy me much less product than I would need. Hence, I would have to spend more. If I noticed this, wouldn’t other people I approached also see it this way? 

    I am certain if an audit was done on Amway, as well on any other MLM company, they would find that the ratio of pure customers to distributors would be very low. In other words, this is a veiled Ponzi scheme. As long as there are more people willing to give their hard-earned money away, those who are able to build their downline will make money. Here is the flaw. People eventually quit. Either because they cannot afford the products, or they hate to recruit others. 

    Hence there is always pressure to recruit new distributors to keep feeding this greedy beast. In order to accelerate this process, high-pressure tactics are taught as part of the training. And the multitude of rah-rah-rah conventions is designed to instill excitement that is pretty much short-lived. 

    When you segued into a more sane and less stressful alternative like affiliate marketing, taking this route instead to build a home-based business was a much better alternative. Unlike MLM, one truly has more control over what you do. There are multiple ways to build an online marketing business that gives freedom of choice. There are no uplines telling you what to do. You are truly your own boss.

    But there is a price to pay. Like in any business, you have to learn how to do it right, and put in the work regularly. It requires discipline applied to a plan. And this is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. 

    Good job on this post. 


    1. Thank you for your positive comments  Edwin. I totally agree with you, affiliate marketing is a far better alternative to MLM. I also agree that it takes a lot of hard work to become a successful affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate makes it a lot easier with their fantastic educational platform. All the best. Jim

  4. Hello Jim, I have heard of Amway MLM marketing Company, I was not impressed with the advisement like you said it was too hard to understand the different levels and you had signed on many people, it was a difficult process and hard to make money, I had some friends in Amway they could not make a living off it, I am glad you are not promoting it and promoting Wealthy Affiliate instead, I am a member of WA and happy you are a part of it.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog Dorothy. I totally agree with your thought on Amway. It’s a great company but the mlm system makes it difficult to earn a living from their business. All the best. Jim

  5. I checked out Amway years ago but it wasn’t for me.  I was put off Amway because I didn’t like the way it was being marketed via “Network 21”.

    I did, however, get involved in network marketing and have done very well in a number of different multi-level marketing companies over the years. I was even Head of Network Marketing for a company for a few years. So I can personally vouch for MLM as a viable income source when you find a company, products, a system and leadership you’re passionate about and put in the work.

    I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been enjoying learning affiliate marketing for the past few years. I agree with you that network marketing is moving online. The network marketing company I’m aligned with now has an affiliate marketing model, so essentially it’s both – MLM and Affiliate Marketing. I have the feeling more and more MLM companies will start going this route in the next few years.

    Very interested to see how I can apply my knowledge of both marketing models to build something amazing though still figuring out exactly how to do that. Attraction marketing may be the answer. 

    1. Unfortunately the good MLM systems are far and few between. Most sell products that are well and truly overpriced. That is the only way they can make sure that every level of the organisation can make some money. Sadly, most people simply find that they can’t continue after a few months. Jim

  6. Thanks for your informative article about the Amway selling method. I agreed with you that it is not easy to sell such an expensive product with so many lines of members looking for profit. Unless the product is super effective for cleaning and cost is very cheap, so can afford to pay a profit to every level of members.

  7. HI Jim. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing but I already learnt that not every program is good opportunity. Looking on your review, Amway is great example. Its not a scam, but at the same time its impossible to earn decent money there and system itself is quite archaic. Definitely wealthy affiliate is better place to start, with tons of trainings, supportive community and webhosting.

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